For all of the mothers in our village

Mother’s Day isn’t a holiday that we often mark with huge fanfare or extraordinary plans, mostly due to the fact that the adults in this family are both mothers and our idea of a great day involves more relaxing and less planning for someone else. That said, motherhood is a deeply important part of my identity; probably the most important part, so I do a lot of reflecting this time of year on how grateful I am to be living this life.

I also do a lot of reflecting on the other mothers in my life who have had such a profound impact on me. My own mother, of course, whose creativity and imagination and desire to create magic have fueled my inspiration to do the same for my own children. I am so thankful for all of the gifts I’ve inherited from her, both through genetics but also through modeling. She shows me what love looks like when it is a verb, because acts of service are her love language.



And my sister, with whom I’ve been fortunate to share this motherhood journey from the very start. Becoming a mother alongside her has been such a connecting force. Laughing at the crazy stories, sharing our deepest worries, hoping for advice and finding comfort and reassurance and humor at the other end of the line has been transformative for me. She’s raising such wonderful little people who I love so deeply, and I’m so thankful to share this journey with her.


And of course Mama K, without whom this life would not be possible. We laugh often at all of our opposite ways, but there’s beauty in that because we greet our children with different gifts and passions and I believe they’re better for it. Despite our differences she sees me, she understands the things that matter to me even when the reasons are foreign to her, and she loves me and our children deeply despite all of our imperfections. Her playfulness and ability to dream big bring a whole lot of goodness into our life, and I love sharing this adventure with her.


And then there are so many others who have been our proverbial village through so much. Melissa and Tanya and April, with whom we crossed the threshold into motherhood, whose generosity and love were so powerful in those earliest days. And Beth, whose mothering of mothers gave us a community that feels almost impossibly magical in its depth of trust and vulnerability and compassion.

All of my work colleagues who helped usher me into this place: my bosses who have been so compassionate and supportive, my co-workers with whom I shared the Milk Bar (so many topless meetings), the people who celebrated with us and left notes of support and love.

And there are so many mothers in this current phase of life who have made our life in Michigan a dream-come-true for me: Kara whose intuition and gift of connection have brought so many other wonderful people into our lives: Krista, Heather, Sabrina, Amy, Courtney – women who we trust with our children and our deepest truths, and who have become our village here. And Sarah, and Dagne, and of course Nancy who has known Kristin and I for half of our lives and watched our entire journey unfold.

So many mothers, so much wisdom and laughter and empathy and warmth. I’m thankful for all of you and many more than I could name.

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