About us

Hi, I’m Dava, or Mama D to three little ones. My wife (Mama K) and I moved our family back to my hometown in Michigan in the summer of 2016 after thirteen years in New York, in search of some of the simple, Midwestern joys that we had as kids. I began this blog by chronicling our journey to bring our mess, chaos, and love from The Big Apple to The Mitten and make a new home there, and now I chronicle our day-to-day.

The name Sushi Grass & Fireflies comes from a conversation with our oldest, who was three and a half at the time. We were eating sushi takeout one evening in New York when he said, “That’s fake grass; I wish we had a lot more of it.” When I asked him what he would do with it if we had a lot more, he answered, “I’d put it in the driveway so we can pretend we have a yard.” We’re happy to bring the sushi grass along, but we headed to the Midwest for a little more of the real thing, backyard fireflies, and maybe even a treehouse.