Life lately

I should warn you now that this is going to be a meandering post about many unconnected things with no neat wrap up to bind them all together. I apologize in advance. But it’s the first nice day we’ve had in ages (it’s been like All Summer in a Day around here lately), and I’m at home alone with a glass of wine and the sound of lawnmowers is buzzing through the open windows and I bought plants today and tomorrow I’m going to plant them, and I’m happy about that.

We pulled Jonah out of his after school program a week or two ago. We learned just before spring break that a couple of asshole first grade girls had been bullying him about his more feminine clothing choices, and he wasn’t the only target. While I’m confident that the teachers handled it as best they could once we informed them, Jonah never really liked it there. It’s a decent program if your kid loves sports, but Jonah seemed to spend most of his time sitting in the cafeteria, for $65 a week. Once we did both the financial and emotional math it was an easy decision. Kristin loses some free time after work, and we have to play a little schedule Jenga, but it’s well worth the trade. He seems to be much happier these days, and begs to see neighborhood friends after school daily.

Vivi and Jude had their four-year well visit back in March (I think?) and while we were there we brought up that we’d noticed Vivi asking, “what?” quite a bit when people speak to her. We weren’t certain when it began, but within the last few months. She failed her hearing test that day, and failed it again two weeks later after a round of antibiotics (because of a suspected ear infection). This past week we finally had an appointment with the audiologist and to our relief it looks like her inner ears are fine. She seems to have a lot of fluid buildup that is causing her to hear as if she’s underwater. We see the ENT next week to determine a course of action (likely tubes), and we’re eager to get her to a place where she can hear again.

Last weekend we took the kids to see OK GO at the Kalamazoo State Theater. It was their first rock show, and we all had a blast. Originally only Jonah and I had tickets, but we found out a few weeks beforehand that two of the band members would be holding a meet and greet at the library on the afternoon of the show, so we figured we’d bring the twins to that at least. The guys from the band were so entertaining, and by then the twins had seen so many of the videos (and loved them) that Kristin decided to pick up last-minute tickets for the three of them to join us. I know what you’re probably thinking: your kid has hearing problems and you took your kids to a rock concert?! Don’t worry; everyone had hearing protection. It was their live video tour, which meant that they showed their music videos on screen while they played the songs live. The kids LOVE their videos (we do too), they had confetti cannons and an interactive app song and they invited all of the kids on stage for the last song. It was really a perfect first concert. If you and/or your kids don’t know about OK GO, show them this or this or this.

And the other thing I’m really excited about lately is this artist I started following on Instagram a number of months ago. Sevy Marie is a fifteen-year-old abstract art genius whose paintings are difficult to buy because there’s a waiting list. She also happens to be nonverbal and has Down syndrome and spent the first twelve years of her life in institutions in Bulgaria. At any rate, her art is incredible and her family recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to build an art studio for artists of all different abilities to come together and create, and we decided to help fund it which means we’ll be getting one of her paintings and I’m so excited. We love art, and we don’t have anything abstract yet, so I can’t wait to bring this into our space.

Tomorrow it’s going to be 70 and sunny and I plan to play in the dirt all day long. Happy weekend!

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