A hint of spring

It finally warmed up a bit this weekend (50s, but that’s good enough for me in March). While I don’t expect it to stay that way quite yet, it was wonderful to feel just a hint of spring to remind us that it really is coming if we can just be patient a little longer. When I lay down next to Jonah at bedtime tonight it was still light outside, and we talked about what that means and how amazing it is that the light changes as the earth orbits the sun. And sure, daylight savings time, but I didn’t go there.

We had a nice weekend, and today we made it out to the Delano Homestead.



She found that worm and told me that she wanted to carry it on the rest of our walk, and then bring it home. She was certain it would be happy living at our house, but I finally convinced her that it would really prefer the soil. We dug a hole for it and she covered it with roughly a million pine needles to keep it safe.




She’s the animal whisperer. She sat there and tried to hand-feed those goats anything she could find for quite awhile.


When we got home the kids still wanted to soak up the nice weather, so they went into the backyard. Jude played in the sandbox, Jonah did some archery, and Vivi read to a doll in the treehouse.



I can’t wait for a lot more of this. This is the good stuff.

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