Almost summer

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks. Less so in our house, more so in America, but also just being a person trying to do the best I can. Social media has been overwhelming, and all of the conflicting “shoulds” have really been throwing me off. I feel like I’m finding my internal compass again and going back to the things that feel right to me: reading, listening, expanding my knowledge, having conversations, being vulnerable, but most importantly trying to raise good humans who understand racism and privilege. I’m not perfect and I’m never going to be. That is what it is.

It’s the last week of school and the weather has been summer-like and this past weekend was lovely. We went to Saugatuck Dunes State Park and both K and I were amazed that we’d never been before. Getting to the beach involved a long hike through the woods, but it was gorgeous.

All four of them had pink shorts on, which I didn’t see until I was editing the photo

On Sunday I set up a big art project for the kids. I love their school art program so much and it’s been really important to me to keep them creating during this time away from school. I wanted them to have the chance to do a larger, abstract piece, so we looked at some photos and videos of this artist I love and then I set them up on the patio with paints and putty knives and rollers and brushes and a squirt bottle and just let them do their own thing. They probably spent two hours, and when it was all said and done they were so proud. Jonah said to me, “I’m pretty sure I’m going to be an artist when I grow up.”

“The Hidden Snowman”
“Haunted Spiderweb Lightning Surprise”
“Rainbow Drops”

Both boys have actually gone back and added a bit more since I took the photos. Jonah told me today, “I keep looking at it and feeling like it’s not quite done.” Maybe nothing in life ever really is, kiddo.

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