Optical Illusion DIY Valentines


For the last year or so I’ve enjoyed making the kids’ valentines for school. I realize the kids who will receive these don’t care one bit that they’re DIY. In fact, last year some asshole kindergartener told Jonah that he didn’t like his because they didn’t include candy. You know what, you ungrateful twit? None of the valentines I got from classmates in elementary school involved candy. That’s not a prerequisite. I realize that sounds like a segue into…”so this year we included lollipops…” but it really had nothing to do with that. I had a total of two fun DIY valentine ideas (both inspired by the same blogger) and this is the second one. Next year I may be fresh out of ideas.

My point is that kids don’t care much about these. Our kids care a little; they seem to enjoy the photo shoots (because dollar store props!) and like seeing the final product starring them. Honestly though, I do this because I enjoy it. They’d be fine with Elsa valentines.

We went to Lowe’s and bought a three-foot piece of PVC (I think it was about 1.25″ diameter. I had the kids hold it at an angle (and showed them what the final product would look like – hence the decision to each look as if they’re trying to lick the lollipop; that was 100% them). I used Word to add the text boxes and put six valentines on a page. We printed them on cardstock on our (very old and not spectacular) printer (they could probably look far better). And then used an X-acto knife to cut a slit to insert the lollipop (and taped the stick onto the back).

It does require some assembly time, so this is not nearly as quick as handing out a box-o’-valentines, but I found the assembly to be somewhat meditative so I didn’t mind.

After coming up with this plan and staging the photo shoot I learned that the twins aren’t allowed to bring candy to their Valentine’s Day party (damned if you do and damned if you don’t), so I made these two for illustrative purposes but unfortunately we’re going to have to stick some heart-shaped stickers on theirs.

If you try it, let me know! And if you have a great idea for next year please share it.

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