Family tie-dye


It’s nearly August and I’ve been feeling a little anxious lately. Even though I’m wise enough to know that summer isn’t as simple as ten weeks of uninterrupted quality family time, and that in some ways the routine and predictability (and lower expectations) of the school year are almost healthier for a personality like mine, I can never quite shake the urgency and panic that surrounds my need to squeeze the ultimate joy out of this season of long daylight and slow mornings. We’re doing pretty well with the summer bucket list, but I’m still concerned that the next month is going to pass by too quickly and that there’s more I could be doing to make it worthwhile.

I vaguely remember doing tie dye when I was a kid, and for whatever reason it hadn’t occurred to me to try it again until the twins went to a tie-dye themed birthday party earlier in the summer. You know that I love a good craft opportunity, so it went on the bucket list immediately. My mom was eager to join us (also always game for anything creative), which was perfect because extra adult hands and a chance for all of us to do something fun with Gigi.



I admit that I was more of a control freak than I’d imagined I would be (and why did I not imagine this? Permanent dye in rapid-flow squirt bottles and over-eager small children?). That said, once we got their clothing items taken care of, I found the (solo) process to be wonderfully cathartic. It slowed my anxious brain down to sit and methodically work on an item. I loved it enough that K and I rounded up three more white shirts today (two days later) and did those on our own just because, while the kids watched a movie. If I’m not careful we’ll soon all be dressed like a hippie cult.





Everything came out pretty cute, far more interesting than the solid-color, drop-it-in-a-bucket-of-dye method that I remember from childhood. I love seeing the kids in their cheerful rainbows, proud of their co-creations with their mamas and Gigi.


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