Late January winter chaos


The last two weeks have brought some of the most extreme winter weather Kalamazoo has seen in a very long time. Of the last ten school days, eight have been snow/cold/ice days. It was thrilling at first: wondering the night before if school would be called off (it’s worth noting that this is easier for us because when they call school Kristin is at home to watch the kids), waking throughout the night to peek outside and revise your guess for the morning. We had so little snow in December and early January that I was really hoping we’d get enough for some serious sledding, but this was more than I’d anticipated.

I was supposed to go to New York for work this past week, and whenever that happens a great deal of planning goes in up front. Good friends of ours are kind and generous enough to come over at 6:45 each morning to feed, dress, and escort the kids to school. We had to make arrangements for care one evening because of parent-teacher conferences. It was all set up, and then my flight was cancelled, and then cancelled again, and then the entire trip fell apart. As a result I had to be present for two straight days of solid meetings via video conference while three kids were bouncing off of the walls. The temperatures were as low as -17 before wind chill, so we couldn’t even send them outside to play. It was one of the most exhausting work weeks in recent memory. I’m sure it goes without saying that it’s frustrating to be the only member of the family who doesn’t have a snow day, much less a snow week.

Despite my frustration, I’m thankful for a team of colleagues who are patient and gracious about having kids pop onto the screen from time to time, and for the privilege of being able to work from home in the first place. I was also childishly excited to try out a few cold-weather science experiments with the kids, like throwing boiling water into the air and blowing bubbles and watching them freeze.

This weekend we had a huge temperature swing and it was in the mid 40s today. We finally got outside to enjoy the snow (before it all melts into a giant flood) and took a family hike. It was incredibly convenient to be able to enjoy the snow and get into the woods without anyone getting the slightest bit cold.






While I loved the luxury of being able to do yoga in the mornings before work instead of getting the kids fed and dressed and into the van for school, I’m really looking forward to getting back to normal tomorrow. Today Jonah was writing out math equations for no reason at all, so I think his brain is ready for school to resume.

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