Bathtub art


K and I left for a wedding late this morning and didn’t return till around dinnertime, so I was bummed to miss a Saturday with the kids (even though we were glad to be there for our friends today). Fortunately we got a little time in before bed, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this girl create art in the tub. We had bath crayons back in New York, but Jonah was always funny about them. He’d use them occasionally, but most of the time he would request drawings from K or I (we got a little competitive about it from time to time: who could draw the best Scoop from Bob the Builder, for example). Vivi, on the other hand, loves to take the reins (or the crayons, as the case may be). I may have mentioned before that she’s been in a writing phase for awhile; she doesn’t really draw pictures so much as pretend to write things. Tonight she was writing everyone’s names (or so she told me): Jonah, Jude, Mama D, Mama K, Gigi, Papa Doc. When she ran out of people I suggested others, and pets, and she kept going. She seemed to be very proud of her work.




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