Movies on the Barn


We went to our first official movie as a family tonight, and it was so much fun! I’m not even a movie person really, and I had high hopes but low expectations for this evening. I don’t even know why I saw something about this online (Facebook advertising, I’m sure) but this newish community space that no one seems to know much about apparently shows occasional family movies projected on a sheet on the side of a barn, so we all headed out to Riverview Launch to check it out. Jonah does not have a great track record with movies. He generally feels like any movie with an antagonist of any kind is terrifying, so we don’t watch movies as a rule. They were showing Disney’s Zootopia which is PG, so I had concerns, but I really wanted to give this a try.

Everybody did great, and we stayed for the whole thing (not something I was counting on) and Jonah loved the movie (despite the fact that there was a good bit of scariness involved). All three of the kids seemed to love being there, and I found it to be so magical cuddling with the kids and watching a movie under the stars. I’m so proud of this boy for moving past his movie fears.


He had a scooter accident yesterday, which is where the nose booboos came from

Vivi and Jude eventually crashed on K’s lap, and we all listened to our new favorite song over and over on the way home.


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